Ham Radio

Club Station V31HQ

Two operating positions
The shack is located outside the house as separate house and it is air conditioned 
The base fee is 100$ US for up to 5 days, additional 10$ US/day from the 6th day. The power consumption is metered separately and billed with 0,40 US$ /kWh. That includes the usage of the power amplifiers and AC in the shack.


  • ICOM IC-7800 with SM-30/SM-50 microphone
  • Power Amplifier ICOM PW-1
  • ICOM IC-7300 with SM-30/SM-50 microphone
  • Power Amplifier Expert 1.3K
  • ICOM IC-756-ProIII with SM-30/SM-50 microphone
  • ICOM IC-7100
  • ICOM IC-7000
  • ICOM IC-9100
  • 2 microHAM Interface/Keyer
  • 2 microHAM Station Master Deluxe
  • 2 OM Power Bandpassfilter
  • Rotor controllers, Antenna Switches, etc.
  • ICOM AT-180 Antenna tuner for mobile/portable usage
  • LDG AT-100ProII Antenna tuner for portable usage
  • MFJ-998 Antenna tuner
  • Antenna Analyzer MFJ-269CPRO, HF/VHF/UHF SWR ANALYZER, 0.530-230 MHZ,430-520MHZ
  • Antenna Analyzer MetroVNA
  • Antenna Analyzer miniVNA Tiny
  • Antenna Analyzer SARK-110
  • 3 Red Pitaya Analyzer Set
  • 2 Banana Pi / Raspberry PI 3
  • Soldering station 140 W Weidinger Edition
  • Soldering station 75 W BT-2BWA Weidinger Edition
  • 4 Soldering iron
  • 2  Laptop-Computer, each with extra screen
  • 1 Shuttle Desktop PC
  • VHF/UHF mobile radios and handhelds, car antennas
  • DMR 2m Gateway with DV4MINI
  • DMR 70cm Gateway with DV4MINI
  • D-STAR 2m/70cm Gateway with DV4MINI
  • Echolink node (coming soon)
  • Crossband Repeater 2m/70cm
  • Wifi & LAN Internet Access
  • SDR receiver: ELAD S2, Colibri, SDRplay 1, SDRplay 2, Red Pitaya (3x), RTL-SDR and more


For EME we have power amplifiers from BEKO for 2m (2000 Watt) and 70cm (1500 Watt). For both bands 2 Yagi antennas.


  • Cushcraft X7 for 10/15/20m on 63 feet tower
  • Cushcraft A3WS for 12/17/30m on 63 feet tower
  • NO Hexbeam from Folding Antennas after Hurrican
  • 40m dipols
  • 30m dipol
  • 80m dipols
  • 60m Bazooka
  • 78 meter Windom 160m-10m

Ham Licensing:

  • We can get the V3 Belize license for you, we need only copy of your home license and passport, complete costs 50US$ or 50€


  • The Owners are Class A license holders: V31DL and V31BZ

V31DL-CARGerman Car with Belize License Plate